October 2013 newsletter


A clean slate for fall. Harvesting Fair Trade Karma.

We mean business

FTOÉ is ready to make waves in the nation’s capital with its newly-minted Steering Committee. On August 25, Fair Trade Ottawa Équitable held its first-ever Annual General Meeting, complete with elections for Chair and Directors. Congratulations and welcome to:

IMG_4309Chair: Lia Walsh
Treasurer: Julia Rosewarne
Director of Community Outreach: Dan Ironmonger
Director of School Outreach: Meghan McIntyre
Director of Event Planning: Ella Heyder
Director of Communications: Mélissa Dubé
Director of Business Outreach: Valerie Choo-Foo
Director of Municipal Outreach: Ana Tavares
Director of Volunteer Coordination: Kelly Banks

With this leadership team in place, FTOÉ has met yet another requirement set by Fairtrade Canada for achieving Fair Trade Town status. Steering Committees must be active in towns once they have gained this status, to keep up the momentum and grow awareness among businesses and the community at large. The best is yet to come!

Relay for Freedom

Yet another reason that Fair Trade is so awesome: producers treat their workers with dignity and respect. And we at FTOÉ wanted to pass along the good karma by joining forces with runners and walkers at the annual Freedom Relay held by Persons Against the Crime of Trafficking in Humans (PACT) on September 14. FTOÉ volunteers were there to let participants know that buying Fair Trade supports a system that promotes the development and well-being of hired labourers in occupations where exploitation is the norm.

To Market, To Market!

With autumn in the air, it’s time to savour the harvest. On September 15, FTOÉ team members were at the Ottawa Farmers’ Market at Brewer Park, one of the largest in the city, to encourage visitors to buy local produce. Besides being fresher, buying local gets you closer to the people who produce what you eat. There’s room for both Fair Trade and local in the ethical buyer’s basket.

13Our other upcoming events:

Halloween campaign (October)watch for our volunteers encouraging you to think Fair Trade when you’re buying chocolate treats for the little tricksters!

Ten Thousand Villages Festival Sale (November 30) – visit our table while you’re stocking up on festive buys and you may get a surprise. Did someone say “caroling bananas”?

Visit the events page for up-to-date event information.

Jump on board.

A last look at summer

While supplies last, pick up the summer edition of the Canadian Fair Trade Network’s FREE magazine at a Bridgehead Coffee location near you. You will learn all about Fair Trade happenings in Canada and worldwide! You can also read it online, or let us know If you would like additional copies.

Help us out

As we reported last month, we’ve nearly achieved our goal for identifying businesses that offer Fair Trade products. But there’s always a chance we missed your favourite place. So please let us know of any place, particularly cafés or restaurants, that offer at least two different varieties of Fair Trade merchandise. It will make our case for Fair Trade Town status that much stronger!

Sign your name

Show your support for Ottawa becoming a Fair Trade Town by signing our petition. While you are at it, support the use of conflict-free minerals by signing up here.

team_smallerJoin our Fabulous Team!

FTOÉ is looking for Fair Trade enthusiasts to help us out with outreach, communications (including social media) and other activities such as fundraising and blogging. Join the FTOÉ family by donating a few hours a week or month. For more info, go here and join us at an Orientation Session.

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