Love, fair love, is in the air

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, there’s one thing on our minds… CHOCOLATE! This year, surprise your friends and loved ones with ethical brands of chocolate, flowers, wine, and more!

Fair Trade chocolate is available in many stores across the Ottawa region. You can find Camino chocolate at Ten Thousand Villages, Bridgehead, Market Organics, Loblaws (Rideau Street), Arbour Environmental Shoppe, and many other retailers in Ottawa. You can also purchase Camino products online here. Check out Camino’s delicious array of Fine Chocolates, sure to please the taste buds!

If you choose to order flowers for your friends and loved ones, purchasing flowers grown in Canada is a great way to support local businesses and to take comfort in the fact that they were grown in safe working conditions. Tivoli Florist is a great example of an Ottawa-based business supporting such a cause.

Perhaps you’d like to share a glass of Fair Trade wine on Valentine’s Day with that special someone. Browse your local LCBO for the luscious red or the sweet white that suits your taste buds and your ethics! Just look for the Fair Trade label on the bottle! This Trivento Fair Trade Malbec is an excellent full-bodied wine for even the most experienced wine-taster.

Whatever you have planned for this Valentine’s Day with your friends and loved ones, please consider the ethical fair trade options available! For a complete listing of fair trade product retailers in Ottawa, check out the Fair Trade Finder on FairTrade Canada’s website.

For more ideas, consult Fairtrade Canada’s ethical shopping guide.

By Elise Cormier

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