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Volunteer with FTOÉ

Do you have a little extra time and lots of passion for fair trade? Become a volunteer with FTOÉ! We are always looking for fair trade enthusiasts who can help us out with outreach, communications, and fundraising, just to name a few of our initiatives! Our orientation sessions, which are offered to all new volunteers as well as the general public, will help you learn more about fair trade and give you the tools you need to help raise awareness about fair trade issues.

To become a volunteer with FTOÉ, please fill out the application form here and we will follow up with you as soon as we can. Thank you!

Sign our petition

FTOÉ is petitioning the City of Ottawa to support our initiative. If you are an Ottawa resident, please sign our petition by clicking here!

You can also help out by telling your friends about the petition, sharing it on your Facebook wall, and linking to it on your website! For more information on exactly what we need from City Hall, check out this detailed status update! Thank you for your support!

Buy fair trade

Simply put, the single most powerful thing that people can do to support fair trade is to buy fair trade products and show there is a demand for socially-responsible goods. If you’re not sure where you can buy fair trade in Ottawa, check out our fair trade products page! Even choosing one product you buy regularly and switching it for a fair trade brand makes a big difference.

Share your fair trade hangouts!

FTOÉ is always searching for cafés that serve fair trade certified products. In fact, it’s part of our Fair Trade Town goals to find a certain number of cafés, restaurants and caterers that offer at least two fair trade certified products. If you know of such a place, we would love to hear about it! You never know if it will be the final place that gets us to our goal! If you know of any places that serve two or more fair trade products, please fill in the form here and let us know. It means a lot to us, so thank you!

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