Join the #FairTradeFoodChallenge!


Interested in winning some Fairtrade goodies?

FTOÉ is offering limited time prizes to whomever can find the most Fairtrade products in stores throughout the City of Ottawa. Take your friends along and learn about fair trade as you explore the city and discover what our local businesses have to offer for ethical products.

The challenge has been extended until September 29th and all participants have a chance to win limited time Fair Trade prizes.

Any person or group that can find Fairtrade certified items* in at least 3 stores in Ottawa will be entered into the exclusive FTOE Sweepstakes for a chance to win our fair trade basket, which includes chocolate, delicious dried fruit, and t-shirts. Only two baskets will be given out so be sure to maximize your chances of winning. Every 3 stores you find with Fairtrade certified items grants you an entry into the sweepstakes and a better chance to win (eg. if you find 15 stores with Fairtrade products, you will be entered into the draw 5 times).

Follow the steps below to enter:

1. Head out to your local #Ottawa stores** and find as many Fairtrade products* as you can!

Tip: some of Ottawa’s fair trade hubs are in the Glebe, Bank Street, Orleans, Kanata, Bayshore, and downtown, but use your best judgement and explore as much of Ottawa as possible. Fruit, coffee, chocolate, or even clothing are great items to keep an eye out for.

2. Once you find an item, take a photo of it.

Find items at three different stores to be eligible for a prize! Every three stores gets you one entry. More stores = more chances to win.

3. Upload the photos and some basic information to this form*** to be entered into the draw for a fair trade gift basket.

BONUS POINTS: post a photo on social media and use the following hashtags: #OttCityFairTrade #FairTradeFoodChallenge #FTOÉChallenge

*all items must be certified Fairtrade items by Fairtrade Canada. The labels that we recognize are:

**The following stores will not be counted as entries: Loblaws (1460 Merivale Rd, Nepean), Independent (2241 Riverside Dr), Independent (200 Grant Carman Dr), Whole Foods Market (951 Bank St), Metro (1705 Merivale Rd), Metro (6509 Jeanne d’Arc Blvd, Orleans), Metro (1360 Richmond Rd), Metro (1675 Tenth Line Rd, Orleans), Rainbow Foods (1487 Richmond Rd), Second Cup (1779 Tenth Line Rd, Orleans), Produce Depot (1855 Carling Ave), & For the Love of Chocolate (2866 St Joseph Blvd)

***You must fill out the form to be entered to win.