Fair Trade Halloween

Fair Trade Halloween campaign

The Fair Trade Halloween campaign brings together people and groups from across Canada to raise public awareness about Fair Trade ideals and availability, increase the availability and ease of access to Fair Trade chocolate, and present Fair Trade treats as the ones to hand out this Halloween. The campaign brings the Halloween consumer in contact with ethical supply chain options making positive social change easier. Three asks are made of the consumer: ask for Fair Trade; look for the Fairtrade Certified logo; and tell your friends what you have done.

For more information on the campaign itself, please visit the Canadian Fair Trade Network website or view our Fair Trade Halloween press release.

What you can do

1. Ask your local retailers for Fair Trade chocolate this Halloween.

Retailers carry what there is a demand for. If you don’t see Fair Trade chocolate in your favourite store, ask them for it!

2. Look for the Fair Trade logo. Make sure the candy you hand out this year is Fair Trade Certified! Here are some brands to look for:

Camino minis
Green&Black’s minis
Cadbury Dairy Milk minis
Oxfam Belgian minis
Equal Exchange
President’s Choice Fair Trade line

3. Tell your friends that you’re handing out Fair Trade chocolate this year. The more people you tell, the better!

If you’re going to hand out Fair Trade chocolate, why not also hand out Fair Trade stickers or buttons? To request these materials, simply visit the Fairtrade Canada website.

Retailers carrying Fair Trade chocolate in Ottawa

You can buy Camino, Green&Blacks, Oxfam Belgian chocolates, and Cadbury Dairy Milk either on-line or in-store. Visit these retailers to get yours!

– Arbour Environmental Shoppe
– Bridgehead
Ethical Ocean
– Herb & Spice
– Kardish
– Metro
– Mountain Equipment Coop
– Natural Food Pantry
– Rainbow Natural Foods
– Ten Thousand Villages
– Wheat Berry

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