Leadership position available!

FTOÉ is currently looking to fill a leadership position within its team. If you feel passionate about Fair Trade, have leadership qualities (or aspirations) and a little extra time to give, be sure to apply now!

Steering Committee elections will take place in August of each year. For information on committee positions, please contact us.

Communications Coordinator

As the Communications Coordinator, this candidate would manage a team of tech-savvy volunteers who keep our web and print communications professional and effective. A successful Communications Coordinator would feel comfortable with the following tasks:

– Communicating with media contacts and overseeing the writing of press releases

– Overseeing the creation of content for our website and social media platforms, and keeping these platforms up-to-date

– Ensuring materials released are translated into both official languages in a timely manner

– Collaborating with other leadership as necessary to promote FTOÉ initiatives

– Designing or overseeing the design of web graphics and print materials released by FTOÉ

If interested, please apply through our Volunteer Application Form and select “Communications Coordinator”.

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