Humans of Fairtrade: Emily Pearce

Emily is the current Volunteer Coordinator for FTOÉ, and is a University of Guelph graduate in International Development Studies. 

Learn more about Emily by reading her full interview below!

When did you become aware of fairtrade? How?

When I was in grade 5, my class had to do a project based on a fair trade certified product.

Why does fairtrade matter to you?

Fair trade matters to me because it is a way of having a grassroots impact on a community in the Global South. By spending a little bit more, you’re ensuring the product came from a farm that respects the environment, respects gender equity and is empowered to bargain for a fair price.

What is the main reason you buy fairtrade products?

I believe there is a ripple effect when producers are empowered financially. More profit margin for the producer can result in investments, such as a clean drinking well for the community, investments into education systems and opportunities to hire more women and men.

What is your favourite fairtrade product? Where can people find it?

88% Dark Chocolate by Camino! You can find it at Herb and Spice on Bank Street!

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