FTOÉ Goes Bananas

With the Take a Step campaign well underway, FTOÉ was tickled yellow to be included in Fairtrade Canada’s latest Take a Step Contest. Considering our particular fascination with bananas and how good-looking our team is, it only made sense for us to enter a contest for the title of best-looking banana!

With entries ranging from UBC’s Superhero Banana to bananas with David Suzuki and George Stroumboulopoulos’ seals of approval, the competition is stiff, but FTOÉ is still feeling good. In the lead is FTOÉ’s own Ingrid Hoffmann, who defied gravity at the Emmanuel’s Gift screening a few weeks ago and returned her banana to its tree-hanging roots. Not far behind are Brian Cheung, who made a Fair Trade banana his costume of choice at Wickedly Westboro, and FTOÉ Chair Jennie Videto, with lots more FTOÉ representation on the board as well.

With this many sexy bananas coming from FTOÉ and voting still open, make sure to cast your vote today!

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