Fair Trade or local?

So you’re trying to be conscientious about what you buy, especially when it comes to food. And you love the idea that farmers around the world can get a fair price for their crops and build their communities.

Fantastic! Sounds like you’re already a Fair Trade superstar in training!

Of course, one can’t live on Fair Trade bananas, cocoa and coffee alone. Local food can fill the gap for those who want to know where their food comes from.

Farmers’ markets are springing up in neighbourhoods all over the city, with the newest one opening in Westboro last weekend. Not much of a surprise, as the City of Ottawa is 80% rural. And as those who went to Ottawa’s inaugural National Capital Craft Beer Week and Festival proved last week, it’s getting easier to get a great local brew, too.

Eating locally helps sustain agriculture here at home and keeps more of your food dollars in the community. After this past summer’s drought, local growers would certainly appreciate your business. Also, like many of your favourite Fair Trade items, a good selection of the produce at markets is organic. (Hey, there’s even a film about that. You should go see it.)

And come visit the FTOÉ tables at the Carp and Cumberland farmers’ markets this coming Saturday (August 25), and learn why there’s room in a conscious consumer’s diet for both Fair Trade and local food.


Special thanks to Ethical Ocean for the infographic.

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