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With the 2017 Youth Community Leaders Conference at a close, we want to express our deepest gratitudes to a few people and organizations before we jump into planning next year’s event!

It was such a privilege to meet so many young leaders at the conference, and so we want to thank every participant in the conference–students and teacher chaperones alike–for making it such a special event! A huge thank you to all of the educators, principals, school board reps and administrative staff that helped us to reach the ears of these enthusiastic and bright young people!

Thank you so much to the staff at the University of Ottawa for allowing us to use the space where all the magic happened! Thank you also to the various uOttawa-based groups who partnered with us during the event: People’s Republic of Delicious, the SFUO Food Bank, the SFUO Pride Centre and the GSAÉD, all of whom contributed in their own important way! Thanks also to our additional partner organizations (15 & Fairness, Ecology Ottawa & EWB Carleton) for being the amazing organizations you are, and the kinds of activists that these young leaders truly dream of getting involved with!

Many thanks to the amazing presenters who gave workshops during the conference: Harsha Walia, Jeffry Colin, Lia Walsh, Katie Perfitt, Aïcha Koné, Liz Connell, Paul Whitney, Jennifer Williams, Jonique Gardien, Kathryn Leblanc, Nour El-Nader, Nethra Kulothungan, Mélissa Dubé & Mikayla Vattiata–your participation was at the heart of these wonderful, young leaders’ experience and was absolutely invaluable. Truly we could not have had a conference without you!

Our undying gratitude goes to our extremely generous and sustainably-minded sponsors, who not only made sure that we were able to fill tummies and rent space, but also allowed us to truly “walk the talk” in terms of social and environmental leadership: Fairtrade Canada, African Bronze Honey, People’s Republic of Delicious/Herb & Spice Shop (Bank), Bridgehead, Camino, Equifruit and GoodFood2u. It is nothing short of a privilege to collaborate with organizations like yours.

And last but certainly not least, we want to thank our volunteers, who brought us through every single step of conceiving, planning and executing this conference, and without whom we could never have dreamed of running an event nearly as successful as this one. Your hard work, dedication and leadership are forces to be reckoned with, and Ottawa’s activist community is extremely fortunate to count you among its ranks.

Until next year!

To view the photos taken by our volunteer photographer at the 2017 Youth Community Leaders Conference, please visit our Facebook page.

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