Leadership position available!

FTOÉ is currently looking to fill some leadership positions within its team. If you feel passionate about Fair Trade and have a little time to spare, be sure to apply now! […]

Fair Trade Campus Week 2014

Every year, the Canadian Fair Trade Network and Fairtrade Canada partner up with leaders in the Fair Trade community to bring Fair Trade Campus Week […]

Featured recipe: Garlic scape pesto

It’s that time again at the farmers’ market: beautiful basil and garlic scapes galore. Doesn’t it just beg you to make pesto? Good pesto features good olive oil, and thankfully, Zatoun makes extra virgin olive oil, available at Ten Thousand Villages […]

Pardon our French

You may have noticed that there is some language mixing on the site. It’s all right; you’re not imagining that half of the content is available in only one language, or that phrases like “notre team” are considered 100% acceptable to us. […]