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Guide de St-Valentin

Le premier mois de l’année tire déjà à sa fin, alors que l’on se dirige tranquillement vers le mois […]

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Le commerce équitable : une histoire à partager

Laissez-moi vous raconter l’histoire du commerce équitable! […]

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This little girl was very pleased to meet a talking banana!

Une Halloween équitable!

Qui n’aime pas le chocolat? Laissez-moi vous introduire à des sortes de chocolat qui risquent de faire tourner des têtes […]

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Halloween shopping guide!

We all want to make good consumer choices, but sometimes knowing what’s out there is really difficult! […]

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Perfect or not worthwhile?

What Fair Trade is and what it isn’t

Fair Trade isn’t perfect. So let’s talk about the things that Fair Trade is–and the things it isn’t. […]

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Celine and Ana at our annual Soirée event

Become a Community Leader with FTOÉ!

FTOÉ is looking for enthusiastic volunteers for the position of Community Leader. […]

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You and Fair Trade during Halloween!

Fair Trade Ottawa Équitable (FTOÉ) wants to help you get engaged in Fair Trade during Halloween. As part of our movement, FTOÉ wants to ensure that you have all of the available resources of where you can find Fair Trade certified goodies to hand out. Here’s what you can do to be engaged in Fair […]

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FTOÉ volunteer, Lia (right), meets Michael Qaqish.

Gallery: Municipal Outreach at a Glance

Did you know that FTOÉ has been meeting with councillors for over 4 years? Below, have a look at the smiling faces we’ve made connections with!

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#FTSE2015 in photos!

Over a hundred participants. Twenty-odd organizers. Thousands of dollars raised. Countless “aha!” moments. Dozens of new connections made. This is the impact of Fair Trade Soirée Équitable 2015, and we could not have done it without the support of FTOÉ’s followers, our sponsors, and everyone who came out on May 9th to celebrate World Fair Trade Day with us! […]

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#FairtradeMonth – impliquez-vous!

May is Fairtrade Month, and Fairtrade Canada is making sure that there are lots of ways for you to get involved! FTOÉ va participer au Mois équitable au moyen des hashtags […]

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The Locavore Way: The Joy of Eating Local

As food movements are slowly beginning to emerge, evolve, and expand to all areas of the world, people are […]

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FTOÉ volunteer, Lia (right), meets Michael Qaqish.

Help us help Ottawa: write to your rep!

Back in 2011, when FTOÉ first got started, one of the first things we did was meet with City Councillors with Fair Trade roses and chocolate […]

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Pour la Saint-Valentin, choose Fair Trade!

Pourquoi ne pas rendre cette journée de Saint-Valentin plus équitable? FTOÉ a créé un guide de magasinage équitable juste pour vous! […]

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Faites votre holiday season équitable !

Many people approach FTOÉ and ask us, “How can I make my holiday season more Fair Trade?” FTOÉ veut vous préparer pour la saison de fêtes, donc vous trouverez une liste […]

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Stocking stuffers équitables: Au chaud with cocoa!

Avec l’arrivée du temps froid et bientôt du temps des fêtes, FTOÉ vous offre un moyen de vous tenir au chaud. Nos cônes de chocolat chaud équitables, sont aussi délicieux que mignons ! […]

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Isidoro de la Rosa, Executive Director of the CONACADO cocoa cooperative

This Halloween, these cocoa producers hope you’ll go Fair Trade!

It’s the time of year that all chocolate lovers eagerly anticipate: Halloween is just around the corner, and we here at FTOÉ are eagerly counting down the days […]

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Featured recipe: Vegan chocolate cupcakes with buttercream

We consume more chocolate around Halloween than during any other time of the year. The added perk is that Fair Trade chocolate is even more delicious than conventional chocolate, and this recipe proves it. […]

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Les produits vedettes de FTOÉ: Puffed rice & quinoa milk chocolate (Camino)

Chocolat au riz et au quinoa soufflés (Camino) Je n’aurais pas du, mais je n’ai pas pu m’empêcher… J’ai commandé une boîte contenant 20 de ces barres de chocolat et en une semaine, il ne me restait plus que la moitié! Il faut dire que ce chocolat est d’une qualité supérieure et le riz et […]

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Fair Trade your Halloween avec FTOÉ!

It’s our pleasure to make it easier for you to make your Halloween Fair Trade! […]

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Leadership position available!

FTOÉ is currently looking to fill some leadership positions within its team. If you feel passionate about Fair Trade and have a little time to spare, be sure to apply now! […]

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Fair Trade Campus Week 2014

Every year, the Canadian Fair Trade Network and Fairtrade Canada partner up with leaders in the Fair Trade community to bring Fair Trade Campus Week […]

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Featured recipe: Garlic scape pesto

It’s that time again at the farmers’ market: beautiful basil and garlic scapes galore. Doesn’t it just beg you to make pesto? Good pesto features good olive oil, and thankfully, Zatoun makes extra virgin olive oil, available at Ten Thousand Villages […]

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Fair Trade Soirée Équitable - May 10

Fair Trade Soirée Équitable – a real succès!

Picture this: May 10th, 2014. World Fair Trade Day. More than 100 people in one beautiful Fair Trade venue: Bridgehead Roastery.  Folks in the region of Canada’s capital have done it again! We could not have hoped for a better crowd of people with whom to spend the evening of World Fair Trade Day.  The Crystal […]

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Pardon our French

You may have noticed that there is some language mixing on the site. It’s all right; you’re not imagining that half of the content is available in only one language, or that phrases like “notre team” are considered 100% acceptable to us. […]

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Oyé, oyé! FTOÉ’s looking for a graphic designer!

Fair Trade Ottawa Équitable (FTOÉ) is a not-for-profit, volunteer organization that seeks to promote the concept of Fair Trade through dozens of community outreach events in and around the city. *This is a paid opportunity*. Do you have graphic design experience and are looking to expand your portfolio? Are you enthusiastic, dynamic and are curious […]

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Love, fair love, is in the air

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, there’s one thing on our minds… CHOCOLATE! This year, surprise your friends and loved ones with ethical brands of chocolate, flowers, wine, and more! Fair Trade chocolate is available in many stores across the Ottawa region. You can find Camino chocolate at Ten Thousand Villages, Bridgehead, Market Organics, Loblaws (Rideau […]

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Group Bananas CFTN TO 2014

What did you take away from this year’s CFTN Leadership in Fair Trade National conference?

Before becoming aware of Fair Trade Ottawa Équitable, I was under the presumption that I was in the very, very small minority of people who knew of Fair Trade. After attending last […]

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A look back at 2013 through the months!

If there’s a single expression to describe 2013 for us at FTOÉ, we’ve been busy undoubtedly says it all. We’ve seen a remarkable year filled with inspiring events from start to finish. February In collaboration with Credible Edibles we organized My Fair Valentine Cooking Class, a loving Fair Trade event, made possible by our sponsors […]

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Battle in the birthplace of coffee

In June 2007, Ethiopia, an African developing country, made history. After more than two years of battle for the right to trademark their three specialty coffees, Sidamo, Harar, and Yirgacheffe, the Ethiopian Government finally reached the much-desired licensing agreement. This victory is in line with the steady effort of Ethiopian co-operative farmers […]

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A “Top 5” list for Fair Trade month

Throughout the month of October, numerous consumers, retailers and producers will unite in order to celebrate and promote the benefits of fair trade. Join the celebration by taking some or all of the following “Top 5” simple actions to highlight your support for the fair trade movement. We hope that this list will inspire you […]

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August 2013 newsletter

August 2013 – Our Campaign Heats Up. A Busy Summer Continues. How Close are We? We at FTOÉ have been patiently putting together the pieces for our bid to make Ottawa a Fair Trade City, and as the image at the left shows, our persistence is paying off. Certainly the media awareness […]

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Fair Trade and Organic Cotton: Always in Style!

As consumers, we’re inundated with endless clothing options. Unfortunately, we live in a world of fast fashion, in which the price of most brand-name clothing is so low that we’re enticed to continually purchase more. The low prices on sale tags, however, are not indicative of the full costs—both social and environmental—of the items that […]

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Michael Creighton with Councillor Katherine Hobbs (Kitchissippi)

Wake Up and Smell the Roses

Summer is officially here, and with it the presence of fragrant flowers and greenery.

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July 2013 newsletter

FTOÉ joined the fun in Ottawa’s Westboro neighbourhood on June 8 and 9. While thousands swarmed the streets and took in the concerns and festivities, our team set up shop in front of the Ten Thousand Villages on Richmond Road to spread the news about Fair Trade

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June 2013 newsletter

FTOE’s Wine and Cheese fund-raising event held on World Fair Trade Day (May 11) at the Cube Gallery was inspirational and a whole lot of fun! We heard the incredible story behind the founding of Ottawa-based La Siembra/ Camino and […]

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“Take a Sip 2013” is a success!

On May 11, 2013, FTOÉ held its second annual Take a Sip for Fair Trade event at the Cube Gallery on Wellington. The reception has been tremendously positive, with praise streaming in for our keynote speakers, the specialty Fair Trade cocktails and our amazingly hard-working […]

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May 2013 newsletter

May 2013 Come celebrate World Fair Trade Day! FTOÉ invites you to Take a Sip for Fair Trade! When: Saturday, May 11th, 2013 – World Fair Trade Day from 7-11pm Where: Cube Gallery, 1285 Wellington Street West Be sure to check out our “Take a Sip” contest, so […]

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People and the Olive Poster

“Take a Sip for Fair Trade” contest!

As if getting your ticket for our biggest event of the year isn’t awesome enough, it gets even better! FTOÉ, its second year in a row, is holding its “Take a Sip” contest, where one lucky ticket-holder will get a chance to get his or her order free of charge! Here’s how it works. Each […]

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Fairtrade Canada’s Good Karma

Have you heard? Just in time for Fairtrade Fortnight, Fairtrade Canada is bringing karma back in a big way. Launching May 1st, the new awareness campaign will aim to bring people together over social justice, sustainability, or other warm and fuzzies. So what is the Fairtrade […]

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Extreme FTOÉ Makeover!

In case you haven’t noticed, FTOÉ’s website has recently gotten a whole lot sexier. Not only have we got a beautiful new layout designed by JRD, we also have more info, a more easily-accessed blog, and way more pictures to please one’s eyeballs. The new website is all about the FTOÉ […]

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Wickedly Westboro Halloween Costume Contest!

Many thanks to our participants in the spooky Halloween Costume Contest we ran during the Wickedly Westboro celebrations! These are all the spooky contestants for your perusal, and you’ll find there were many great entries, but special congratulations to our winner (pictured left) in his beautiful, homemade robot costume! Come visit us next year at […]

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Fair Trick or Treat

Everyone loves goodie bags, especially when they’re filled with fair trade goodies – chocolate and buttons and snackbars, oh my! Come grab a fair trade loot bag at the FTOE booth on Saturday at Wickedly Westboro. A big thanks goes out to Westboro Business Improvement Area for supporting fair trade in Ottawa!

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FTOE Booth at Wickedly Westboro

Make sure to visit the FTOE booth at Wickedly Westboro on Saturday 27 between 10am – 6pm. Our booth will be located in front of Ten Thousand Villages (371 Richmond Road). Come chat with us, and enter our contests for a chance to win prizes! Get your photo taken for the costume contest and take […]

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Zombie bananas on the loose!

Join the horde of zombies lurching up Richmond Road at Wickedly Westboro from 11am – noon Saturday 27. See if you can spot the zombie bananas!

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Coffee bean jar

Guess the Coffee Beans Contest

1 bean, 2 bean, 3 bean, 4! Come by and see us on Saturday at Wickedly Westboro and throw in your best guesstimate for our Guess the Coffee Beans Contest. The closest guess will receive have a gift basket from Ten Thousand Villages!

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Wickedly Westboro costume contest!

We’ll be having a SPOOKY costume contest this Saturday @ Wickedly Westboro! Photographers will be on-site to capture all the spooktacular costumes in front of a themed backdrop! Best costume to be voted online. Winner gets bragging rights AND chocolate donated by Olivia Chocolatier. Yummm….

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Fair Trade or local?

So you’re trying to be conscientious about what you buy, especially when it comes to food. And you love the idea that farmers around the world can get a fair price for their crops and build their communities. Fantastic! Sounds like you’re already a Fair Trade superstar in training! Of course, one can’t live on […]

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banana in tree

FTOÉ Goes Bananas

With the Take a Step campaign well underway, FTOÉ was tickled yellow to be included in Fairtrade Canada’s latest Take a Step Contest. Considering our particular fascination with bananas and how good-looking our team is, it only made sense for us to enter a contest for the title of best-looking banana! With entries ranging from […]

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All’s Fair in Love

The six-month countdown to Valentine’s Day 2013 begins today. We here at FTOÉ were busy playing cupid this past spring, whispering sweet nothings into the ears of Ottawa city councillors about the benefits of buying and promoting Fair Trade products in city facilities. We even sweetened the deal by presenting them with Fair Trade roses […]

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You can never have too many (Fair Trade) bananas!

Big Boys Gone Bananas!*

Some of our FTOÉ volunteers have a penchant for dressing like bananas at our events. It’s a fun way to deliver a serious message about the importance of fair wages and safe working conditions for banana farmers – and indeed all farmers. Swedish independent filmmaker Fredrik Gertten drew attention to the plight of Nicaraguan banana […]

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