Guide de St-Valentin

Le premier mois de l’année tire déjà à sa fin, alors que l’on se dirige tranquillement vers le mois […]

This little girl was very pleased to meet a talking banana!

Une Halloween équitable!

Qui n’aime pas le chocolat? Laissez-moi vous introduire à des sortes de chocolat qui risquent de faire tourner des têtes […]

Halloween shopping guide!

We all want to make good consumer choices, but sometimes knowing what’s out there is really difficult! […]

Leadership position available!

FTOÉ is currently looking to fill some leadership positions within its team. If you feel passionate about Fair Trade and have a little time to spare, be sure to apply now! […]

Pardon our French

You may have noticed that there is some language mixing on the site. It’s all right; you’re not imagining that half of the content is available in only one language, or that phrases like “notre team” are considered 100% acceptable to us. […]