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Guide de St-Valentin

Le premier mois de l’année tire déjà à sa fin, alors que l’on se dirige tranquillement vers le mois […]

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Le commerce équitable : une histoire à partager

Laissez-moi vous raconter l’histoire du commerce équitable! […]

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This little girl was very pleased to meet a talking banana!

Une Halloween équitable!

Qui n’aime pas le chocolat? Laissez-moi vous introduire à des sortes de chocolat qui risquent de faire tourner des têtes […]

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Halloween shopping guide!

We all want to make good consumer choices, but sometimes knowing what’s out there is really difficult! […]

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Perfect or not worthwhile?

What Fair Trade is and what it isn’t

Fair Trade isn’t perfect. So let’s talk about the things that Fair Trade is–and the things it isn’t. […]

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Celine and Ana at our annual Soirée event

Become a Community Leader with FTOÉ!

FTOÉ is looking for enthusiastic volunteers for the position of Community Leader. […]

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The Locavore Way: The Joy of Eating Local

As food movements are slowly beginning to emerge, evolve, and expand to all areas of the world, people are […]

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FTOÉ volunteer, Lia (right), meets Michael Qaqish.

Help us help Ottawa: write to your rep!

Back in 2011, when FTOÉ first got started, one of the first things we did was meet with City Councillors with Fair Trade roses and chocolate […]

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Leadership position available!

FTOÉ is currently looking to fill some leadership positions within its team. If you feel passionate about Fair Trade and have a little time to spare, be sure to apply now! […]

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Pardon our French

You may have noticed that there is some language mixing on the site. It’s all right; you’re not imagining that half of the content is available in only one language, or that phrases like “notre team” are considered 100% acceptable to us. […]

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Orientations – let’s chat! On jase là!

Bi-weekly sessions open to all!  FTOÉ is organising orientation sessions on a biweekly basis to discuss Fair Trade and to engage with volunteers and others interested in the movement! You can check out the upcoming orientation dates and register through the form here to reserve your spot! Make sure to follow us on Facebook to get the latest scoops! Venez discuter […]

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