All’s Fair in Love

Be my fair Valentine!The six-month countdown to Valentine’s Day 2013 begins today. We here at FTOÉ were busy playing cupid this past spring, whispering sweet nothings into the ears of Ottawa city councillors about the benefits of buying and promoting Fair Trade products in city facilities. We even sweetened the deal by presenting them with Fair Trade roses and Camino chocolate.

You could say we have a one-track mind. But after all, faint heart never won Fair Trade City status.

What else goes into a perfect (and perfectly fair) romance? Perhaps, as the Huffington Post reported last week, some lovely lingerie from a Cameroon-based Fair Trade company that has pledged to donate all its profits to provide microloans to women? Or maybe some beautiful Fair Trade jewellery in silver or gold? And you can find whatever your fair heart desires in Ottawa with the FTOÉ Fair Trade Finder.

And all these ways to woo your love count as steps for Fair Trade. And you don’t even need to wait for Valentine’s Day.

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