Our team

Our core team consists of a small group very passionate and hard-working people. Here is a little information about the directors that lead the organization.

Mélissa Dubé


Mélissa Dubé, Chair of Fair Trade Ottawa Equitable

Mélissa has been involved in the fair trade movement since 2012, first as part of FTOÉ and then as part of Fairtrade Canada as she led the outreach and B2C marketing activities for 3 years. Mélissa now leads the national public engagement strategy to engage volunteers passionate about using their voice in ending poverty at RESULTS Canada.

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Lia Walsh

Business Outreach

Lia Walsh, Director of Business Outreach for Fair Trade Ottawa ÉquitableLia is an original volunteer of FTOÉ, having held a leadership role since the start of the Ottawa Fair Trade Town campaign! She’s done countless presentations and workshops on fair trade and served on the original board of the Canadian Fair Trade Network. During the day, she’s a marketing consultant and graphic designer. When she has a little free time, she enjoys cooking, farming and doing all things creative!

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Kenneth Boddy

Municipal Outreach

Kenneth Boddy, Director of Municipal Outreach for Fair Trade Ottawa Équitable

Kenneth currently works as the Government Relations Coordinator with Engineers Without Borders Canada and is completing a Masters in International Affairs and African Studies. Kenneth got involved with fair trade in 2012 when he joined the Engineers Without Borders chapter at Carleton University. For him, fair trade offered a truly unique opportunity to work on an issue that sought to empower people around the world. In 2013, Kenneth founded Fair Trade Carleton University and worked with the community and school administration to make Carleton a Fair Trade Campus. In the coming years, Kenneth is interested in how he can blend a background in public policy with his passion for the goals of the fair trade movement.

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Ivy McKee

Community Outreach

Ivy McKee, Director of Community Outreach for Fair Trade Ottawa Équitable

Ivy currently works at Statistic Canada as a data analyst in the Energy division. Her interest in the fair trade movement began when she was in high school, when a paper on the topic of child labour turned into a four month, 80-page research project, with fair trade emerging as one of the best solutions to the issue. Since then, she has been volunteering with Fair Trade Carleton University and the Canadian Fair Trade Network. Ivy is also incredibly passionate about sustainability and labour rights. She hopes to break down the myth that fair trade is always expensive and to make fair trade products the obvious choice for any consumer.c

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Emanuel Lukawiecki

Education & Outreach

Emanuel Lukawiecki, Director of Education and Outreach for Fair Trade Ottawa ÉquitableEmanuel has been involved in the fair trade movement since late 2017, when he visited Costa Rica as a volunteer and participated in the development of fair trade coffee farms. Emanuel is the leader of the environmental committee at his school, as well as the committee that is working towards getting a Fair Trade School designation for his high school.

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