6 Easy Fairtrade Pantry Swaps

It can seem daunting to start your journey to consuming more ethical goods. But don’t worry! We’ve compiled a few simple pantry swaps you can make to get started!

1. Chocolate & Cocoa Powder

Chocolate is a Fairtrade staple, and (let’s be honest…) probably a staple in your pantry too! Switching to buying Fairtrade chocolate and chocolate chips for baking is probably the easiest swap to make, because Fairtrade chocolate is widely-available and affordable! 

Our pick: Camino, Alter Eco, or Prana!

2. Sugar

Sugar is also an easy swap to make! Most large grocery stores in Ottawa will sell some type of Fairtrade sugar! Sugar is also one of the most valuable agricultural commodities, with millions of small-scale farmers growing sugarcane around the world! There are currently 62,700 sugarcane farmers participating in Fairtrade, and Fairtrade Canada ensures they are paid fairly and equitably for their work.

Our pick: Brown sugar or golden cane sugar from Camino! 

3. Nuts

Now that we’ve covered the sweets, let’s look at a healthy option — nuts! Nuts are a great ingredient (or snack) to have on hand! Many producers of nuts and nut products face poverty due to unfair working conditions. But Fairtrade-certified products make a major difference! Thanks to the Fairtrade Minimum Price set by Fairtrade Canada, producers can sell their products for 3-5 times more than without a Fairtrade certification.

Our pick: Prana’s raw almonds, non-roasted cashews, or Kilimanjaro chocolate mix!

4. Cereal

For many, cereal is a pantry staple! So why not switch over to some tasty and ethical options? Fairtrade-certified cereal companies ethically-source their ingredients! Many of which are organic too! 

Our pick: NuTerra’s Dark Chocolate Hazelut granola.

5. Coffee

Many of us value our morning coffee a whole lot, and Fairtrade coffee is delicious and affordable! 80% of the world’s coffee is produced by over 25 million small-scale farmers… but they struggle to earn a liveable wage. Buying Fairtrade Certified coffee ensures you’re supporting businesses that pay farms higher wages, as well as ensuring the farms carry out ethical practices.

Our pick: Ottawa-based Bridgehead Coffee, Just Us!, or Kicking Horse!

6. Tea

For those who prefer tea over coffee… you’re in luck! Switching to Fairtrade tea and coffee is just as easy as swapping coffee! Millions of farmers worldwide depend on tea for their livelihood. In 2015 over $7 million in Fairtrade Premium was paid to smallholders and workers on Fairtrade-certified estates – money that was used to improve living and working conditions.

Our pick: Numi Tea, Traditional Medicinals, or Clipper Teas!

Make any of these swaps? Any other brands you want to recommend? Take a photo and tag us in it on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

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