About FTOÉ

First and foremost, FTOÉ has one primary goal: to get Fair Trade Town status. Such a status would allow for wider availability of Fair Trade products and stronger city council and community support for Fair trade initiatives.

While working to achieve this status, FTOÉ focuses on awareness-raising as a key element in our work. We are constantly encouraging the residents of Ottawa to take action in creating lasting change that has a global affect.

How to make Ottawa a Fair Trade Town

Municipal support

City Council must commit to procuring fair trade products.

Product availability

Fair trade products must be available from major retailers and cafés/restaurants.

Community support

Community groups such as schools and NGOs must support fair trade.

Public education

The people of Ottawa must be educated through community outreach and media features.

Steering committee

A steering committee must be formed to ensure that Fair Trade Town status is maintained and improved.

More about Fair Trade Towns

The progress we've already made

This is how far we've gone on each of the Fair Trade Town goals. As you can see, we're almost there!

For more information on how you can help us towards getting Fair Trade Town status for Ottawa, please visit the get involved page!

Education & awareness 100%
Steering committee formed 90%
Product availability 70%
Support from community groups 70%
Muncipal support 30%

Meet our team


Lia Walsh


Fair Trade Ottawa Équitable - Emanuel Lukawiecki - about the team

Emanuel Lukawiecki

Director of Education & Outreach

Fair Trade Ottawa Équitable - Cathy Hammond - about the team

Cathy Hammond

Director of Communication

Fair Trade Ottawa Équitable - Tate Chong - about the team

Tate Chong


Fair Trade Ottawa Équitable - Kenneth Boddy - about the team

Kenneth Boddy

Director of Community Outreach


Nick Grover

Director of Business Outreach

Fair Trade Ottawa Équitable Emily Pearce about the team

Emily Pearce

Volunteer Coordination

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The impact of fair trade

Fairtrade as a certification is more than merely an envronmental certification, it is the only and best ethical and social certification that really ensures social and environmental, ethical and economic impact, and therefore human impact.

Fairtrade has improved our members' and farm workers' standard of living. We now have the resources to help the community and conserve the environment.

Fair Trade Town campaign

[Bilingual video] Fair Trade Ottawa Équitable volunteers ask what fair trade means and why FTOÉ works on it. For more information on getting involved with FTOÉ, click here!